Support team

Our Design Guru

Rachel Platt from Shenton & Thrello is the talent behind our killer logo and design. Being a creative entrepreneur who specialises in hand lettering and modern calligraphy we can’t think of anyone else we would want to work with. Em and Rach go way back when they used to work in the same Public Service department (soo Canberra). Rachel grew up in the ‘berra, married a ‘berra boy and is raising her own crew here.

Our Number’s Man

David Harvey from Salter Associates is our number cruncher, and thank goodness we have him, because as our school mates can attest, we both are numerically challenged. Not your typical boring accountant, Dave is a Canberra boy from way back. With more than ten years experience in the accounting game, we are lucky to have Dave in our corner... Even if he does deliver some hard truths about the $$ sometimes!