Stock us

So interested in giving back to the community too? Woo hoo!

Here's how we work together to benefit our community: 

- You order as often and as much as you like from us at a wholesale price. There's no contracts! 

- We deliver free of charge to your business. Our delivery days are every Wednesday. 

- You then re-sell each bottle for however much you see fit - we recommend between $3-$3.50 a bottle and you keep all the profit from every sale. This means you still make profit and we already made a cut for local charities, when you bought it from us at wholesale price! Talk about a win for all! 

What you get as a stockist: 

- You get to give back to our community - the best part! So instead of buying from other beverage wholesalers (let's just say it, most likely insanely rich multi-national companies!), you're helping us keep the money in Canberra to help those in our community who need support and services the most.

- Each quarter's profits are donated to a different local not-for-profit. We let our stockists take turns in selecting a local organisation, program or service close to their hearts. This means we're giving back to as many different services and organisations as possible. We ask that our stockists do not chose the same organisation in a twelve month cycle so we keep on sharing the love. 

- Community goodwill and respect through posters and counter signs we give you to decorate your business with. 

- Promotion on our website and social media accounts. Your business also gets a dedicated post when it's your turn/s to chose the charity. 

- Fantastic tasting premium Aussie spring water from the Riverina in New South Wales.

- All our bottles have a two-year shelf life and our product is 100% Australian and recycable.   

- Good business karma and yes, there really is such a thing! 

- The best bear hugs from us, we're not joking.   

- And you just bloody feel good!  

We hope to hear from you soon. Lets make it happen! I mean, why not take a case or two and see them sell like hot cakes?! 

Soud & Em x