Our model







We ain't boring. Pty Ltd is our social enterprise and our model is simple: We sell bottled Aussie spring water. We then donate 100% of the profit from every bottle sold to local charities, supporting those in need, from our far from boring Canberra Community.

So after we cover costs and our stockists take their profit, we make sure every single cent left is donated to support those in our home town who need it most. 

We believe by supporting, funding and raising the profiles of such important local services, we're helping to improve the quality of lives right here in our own backyard. Isn't that awesome?!

How often do we donate?

Each quarter, a different Canberra charity or not-for-profit organisation is selected to receive that quarter’s profits. 

How do we choose a charity or a not-for-profit organisation?

Our stockists take turns in selecting a local organisation, program or service close to their hearts. This means our stockists are rewarded for supporting us. This model also means we're giving back to as many different services and organisations as possible. We ask that our stockists do not choose the same organisation in a twelve month cycle so we keep on sharing the love.  

Here's also where we publicly declare that we're a non-denominational social enterprise too. And bloody proud of it! We believe that faith has no business in who we choose to donate to or how we operate. So don't sweat it, we won't just be giving to faith-based organisations. We love everyone!  

How do we announce our donations?

We'll always be transparent about who we donate to each quarter and exactly how much they're getting. This will be published on our donations page as well as on our social media accounts. We will announce who our next stockist has chosen at the start of each quarter and the total donated amount will be announced at the end of each quarter. So be sure to check-in regularly to see who we're supporting across our community.  

We'll also publish helpful information about the selected organisation so that anyone can find out more information. Because even if one new person is able to access a service because of our donation or because we promoted that service, it's all worth it!