YouthCare Canberra - $500 to help local youth at risk

We are so happy to announce our first recipient of a donation is YouthCare Canberra, chosen by our very first stockist, Aslan Akbayir, owner of Mavi. We're stoked in our first month we are able to send $500 their way. 

On any given night, an estimated 100 young people in Canberra are homeless. Some “couch-surf” with friends, others face a night on the streets or hidden away in the bushlands. No young person should feel like they have nowhere to go. 

YouthCare Canberra actively provides outreach services to these young people (12 to 25 years) at risk, in an effort to help those facing homelessness and violence. They offer after hours support and a non-judgmental approach to helping those in need. Outreach workers Zack and Richie go out into the community and engage with young people who cannot, or will not, access services, working with them over time to re-connect them to mainstream society.

Take Amy and Laura’s* story for example. Amy and Laura are sisters, aged 19 & 21. Amy has 2 children, Laura is pregnant. They were homeless, and living in a car. YouthCare Canberra found and paid for emergency accommodation, plus had their priority lifted for community housing. YouthCare Canberra assisted with setting up the sisters in a house, including providing kitchen goods.

We are so thrilled to support such incredible work. To find out more about YouthCare Canberra, visit their website.

All of this is possible because of the awesome Canberra community. THANK YOU every single one of you for believing in us. It makes all the late nights worth it. You have made our dreams come true and this is only the beginning!

Much love,

Em & Soud xx

*Not real names are used in this story due to protection of privacy. 

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